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About Us

Dr. Alfonso Cahero (PhD Econ/Fin)

Chairman & Founder at Cahero Capital

In this fast-paced global business environment, innovation in financial solutions is critical to developing and advancing the world's economy and societies. It allows companies to innovate: grow, create jobs, and generate value for society.


At Cahero Capital, we are playing our part in helping businesses to achieve their goals by providing customized business and infrastructure capitalization structures to get access to capital.


Our products are available from small and midsize companies to large enterprises and government institutions.


We provide the most efficient, complete, and compelling financial capitalization structures worldwide.


Our services are fast, flexible, and highly automated to fulfill your specific business needs.


Cahero Capital's operating structure is based on our strategic partnership with the strongest global financial institutions around the globe to lead and deliver compelling financial solutions to multiple vertical industries.


We specialize in the following industries: government, security, oil and gas, energy, health care, real estate development, mining, transportation, finance, construction, telecommunications, distribution, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, cattle raising, food & beverages, textiles and apparel, staffing, professional services, cosmetics, recycling, space, and the metaverse.


At Cahero Capital, we offer you to customize a strategy specially designed to meet the needs of your business or infrastructure projects.


Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

We Specialized In

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Customize your capital needs

We design a process to detect the current financial status of your startup, corporation, or government institution to create a Business Capitalization Structure, which will provide access to capital consistently in compliance with your objectives.



Ensure the success of your projects

At ​Cahero Capital designed a process to structure infrastructure projects to promote organic capitalization and ensure success in the investment of resources to generate prosperity and social and environmental well-being.​By creating an Infrastructure Capitalization Structure, we can develop solutions for the materialization of any project.



Get your corporation to the next level

Public Listing through stock financing is a natural and effective alternative to meet the capital needs of companies. Capital financing through the issuance and public offering of shares is the most competitive formula for obtaining long-term resources for your company.

Key Takaways

Experience & efficiency

Headquartered in the Dubai UAE


Over 19 years of market experience


Unmatched reputation for our services and understanding of international finance


Experts in international capitalizations

International capabilities

International presence



International market prospects



Multicultural team,  fluent in 15 languages.



Knowledge applied in any currency

Tailor-made solutions

Innovative custom-designed solutions

Structure for sustainable capitalization


Business agility with quick decision making


Openness to propose multiple solutions

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