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BCS Capitalization Strategy Quote



This guide describes all the steps, processes, and scope of the Capitalization Strategy Quote.


1. Quotation


The document establishes the cost for the Business Capitalization Structure. The price determines the amount the client will pay for each process stage. Depending on the case, there is the possibility of paying according to the progress of each stage.

2. Mandatory steps to be paid to start a Bussines Capitalization Structure:

  • Stage Three, Due Diligence: It is necessary to know in depth the current structure of your business

  • Stage Four, Capitalization Strategy Design: It is necessary to create a strategy that works for you to achieve your capitalization goals in the short, medium, and long term. 

3. Stage Five, Strategy Implementation Quote:


Capitalization implementation has a cost established by obtaining the Capitalization Strategy.

4. Stage Six, Capitalization Promotion

As soon as the implementation of the capitalization structure is ready, the capitalization will be promoted through our alliances with the family office, financial institutions, and investors. The Capitalization Promotion has a cost established depending on the amount to be capitalized.

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